Counseling occurs in the relationship between two persons. It is important that you know a bit about me and begin the process of working together.

Professionally, I wear two hats. I have been an Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1993, and an ordained United Church of Christ Minister since 1979.
My professional identity includes being a “pastoral counselor.”
You may wonder what that it is. I am professional who has been trained and educated in both theology, and social work.
My education supported understanding how a persons understanding of God, faith and religion can effect their health – and their movement to health.

I was raised just outside of Boston, and went to college close to home.
I came to Lancaster, and attended Lancaster Theological Seminary where I recieved my M.Div.
Later I received my Doctor of Ministry Degree in Pastoral Counseling from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, my Master of Science in Social Administration (MSW) from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and completed a muti-year training program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.
I also completed a residency in pastoral care at Abington Memorial Hospital.

Professionally, I served congregations as a pastor for only a few years.
Following my residency, I worked at Miami Valley Hosptial in Dayton, Ohio. Initially, I was the chaplain for critical care and trauma.
After a few years, I was asked to begin work at a pastoral counseling center at the hospital where, beginning in 1986, I began my work, full time, providing counseling.

Across the years, I have been faculty at a seminary, a Catholic university, a medical school, a nursing school and an undergraduate school.
I have written one book and have been a leader in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, in some way, since 1988.

I enjoy my work beyond measure.
I value the relationships that counseling provides, and treat each person in a very unique manner.
My work spans from individuals to couples, to families; from teen agers to the older members of of society.
I am also active in providing counseling in the LGBTQ community.

I am also active in providing care to members of the Armed Services, Peace Officers and their families. This is a very rewarding part of my profession.

I work frequently with “complicated” situations – I do not run from the challenge.
By experiencing each person as their own person, and not as a number or diagnosis, I am able to provide the professional care needed that values their story and life.

For fun…I play mountain dulcimer, penny whistle and ukelele.
I read a lot…and enjoy history and politics.
I have been an avid runner and bicyclist for many years….15 marathons…
2:18:42 was my personal best…I was much younger then.

To some people I am known as Jeff: WJ2MP.

Life has been full and good. I have had my share of struggles – which allows me to understand better the stories of ther persons I have the opportunity to know, work with and help.


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