Church Consultations

Working with Pastors, Congregations, and Judicatories

Pastoral Counseling is an extension of your ministry: a resource for you and your congregation.

As an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ for over 40 years, and experience as a parish minister, hospital chaplain, educator, and pastoral counselor, I work from an understanding of the needs and meaning of ministry.

Lancaster Pastoral Counseling ministers with you, to support your ministry, and the life of your congregation.

I offer a collegial relationship providing:

Congregational Leadership:

  • Consultation in counseling and leadership development
  • A trusted place to refer members of your congregation that will affirm and include their faith and values in their counseling.
  • A place to learn and A resource for your work, your life and your ministry.

Workshops and Supervision

Lancaster Pastoral Counseling and Education offers a variety of workshops each year.
These range from whole day offering, to morning classes.
These workshops address mental health and pastoral ministry concerns and offer opportunities to learn, share experiences, and develop new skills in pastoral ministry.

These workshops can be for members of your faith community as well as clergy.

Development of your Pastoral Care and Counseling Skills

I am able to provide consultation and supervision in pastoral counseling and social work.

In addition…if there is ever a topic you just want to know more about….call me.

Other Educational Opportunities Can Include:

A monthly newsletter focusing upon pastoral care and counseling.
Pastoral Care Consultation Groups – a regular meeting of caregivers for support, and consultation.
Workshops for your congregation – focusing upon your specific needs and interests.

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