About Insurance

Health Insurance, Pre-Approval and First Appointment

About Insurance

I am accepted by most major health care plans. Please be sure to check with your provider. If I am not in your network, be sure to find out about the out of network benefits your provider offers.


Some insurance carriers require pre-approval for counseling services
Be sure to check with you provider, and if complete their work prior to the first session. Please bring any materials or information they provide to you to the first session.

About the First Appointment…

There are a few pages of paperwork to be completed so plan on arriving about 20 minutes early for your first session.


If you would like, feel free to complete the office paperwork before your intial session.

About Confidentiality…

Nearly all of our work is confidential. There are times however that I am legally obligated to release some information.

For an Appointment, contact Dr. Hamilton at 717-392-1007 or Jeffrey@lancpastoralcounsleing.com


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