Employee Assistance Programs

Many employers provide “Employee Assiantance” or “EAP” programs to their employees and families.
These are pre-paid, no cost to you, progams that provide a variety of services.

Frequently, they include a limited number of mental health counseling sessions as a part of the program.

Be sure to check with you Human Resources Department and find out if these benefits are available to you.
If they are, contact the EAP, and ask for them to provide services to you.

I am on most EAP provider panels. If they say I am not, let me know and I’ll speak with them.

About Confidentiality and EAP’s

Even though the EAP is provided by your employer, the same confidentiality rules and expectations apply to our conversations.

I will never speak with your employer and will only speak to the EAP company by your written request.

If you have any questions about this, please ask me.

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