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I provide counseling both face to face in my office, as well as virtually through a HIPPA compliant video and/or audio platform.  This is a very easy process…I simply send you a link.  This can be a useful format for many people.

If you choose to join in counseling with me, you will share in an environment that works to create a trusting relationship through my true interest in understanding your story and supporting you
through your life’s challenges. As I said, I am a pastoral counselor, a Fellow in The American Association of Pastoral Counselors and my understanding of faith and values is a vital part of my counseling experience.

I wear two professional identities, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Ordained United Church of Christ minister. This does not mean that my counseling “presses” or “pushes” religion or faith. I am trained as any other mental health professional. My training in pastoral counseling allows me to support you in integrating more easily your life values – religious or not, into the work and journey of counseling and moving towards wholeness.

I work to create a relationship that is caring, as well as challenging. Counseling is not always a “feel good” experience. There can be moments of struggle as you come to understand your needs and limitations—and learn ways living a fuller life. At all times, I will work to understand you, and shape our work together so that you will feel supported as well as challenged, cared for and not alone in your counseling experience.

With me, you will experience a counseling relationship that values your life’s experiences and values, without judgment, and works to integrate your values and hopes in the counseling experience and

Counseling is the ultimate privilege in my life – sharing sacred ground that few people have the opportunity to experience. It is a time of being part of the process of becoming whole.

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